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About us

Between lights and shadows lies a universe of art, mixology, and authenticity. Outside, the ancient stones of the square tell stories of past centuries.
This is the charm of Bar Cavour, where present time and history become one. Cocktail bar with cuisine. Bar Cavour offers an intimate, chic, and refined atmosphere, perfect for an aperitif, a dinner until late at night, and to enjoy refined and unconventional music.


Bar Cavour always seeks top-quality products. The ability of our bartenders, their listening skills, and their attention to the guest's desires and tastes come together to create an unparalleled experience.


From delicious bites like Jamon Joselito, Tigella, and Guacamole to Club Sandwich, a real "cult" of the Turin night scene. Each bite is a delicacy prepared with craftsmanship, ready to satisfy even the most demanding palates.


A selection of wines by Bar Cavour

The "Stanza Verde"

Bar Cavour hides a real room of wonders. A special place to taste refined proposals, getting lost in time as well as in the pleasure of good drinking. A rich, welcoming, and refined space that looks at both the nineteenth-century style of the traditional English smoking room and the particular one of the French sitting room.


Inspired by the most evocative cocktail bars of the big cities, Bar Cavour is also the perfect place for private events.
Different, tailor-made solutions ranging from the booking of the entire room to the reservation of a few tables and the possibility of organizing an aperitif or an after-dinner as well as more articulated dinners with dedicated menus.